10 Free Cyber Sex Sites And Apps for Sex Chat

Cyber sex chat is one of the biggest online activities in the world. Whether on phones or computers, more and more people have started to turn to cyber sex sites and apps in order to have fun and get off. Everyone can find a cyber sex chat partner that meets their needs, whether they are looking for vanilla cyber sex, sexting or something kinky. This is one of the beautiful things about online adult sex chat, there are so many options out there.

And with many options come hard choices. Picking the right cyber sex sites can be difficult but we are here to help with that. We have created a list of the top websites for finding cybersex online. By using this list you can quicken your search to have adult sex chat with other people online. We have done an extra level of work for you, and we have filtered out all of the fake sites and those that aren't helpful. We want to provide you with the best experience possible, so start reviewing our list!

#1 Chaturbate


Chaturbate is our No.1 pick for free cybersex chat online.

As the largest adult webcamming site in the world, Chaturbate is unquestionably the best place to enjoy free cybersex chat online. The site is packed with thousands of webcam models, covering all genders and sexual preferences.

Whether you're straight, gay, or bi, you’ll find performers to have hot cybersex with on Chaturbate.

Chaturbate is completely free to join, and you don’t even need to pay to visit most of the live shows. There are options for donations and subscriptions, which can be a good way to support your favorite performers or enjoy a private live show.

That said, there’s certainly enough live content to enjoy free of charge. Plus, you may find that other viewers cover most of the donations, letting you watch amazing content without paying a penny.

Chaturbate’s homepage is filled with hundreds of live streams, making it easy to find the perfect partner for your cybersex chat. Whether you’re looking to roleplay, sext, or just enjoy some hot nude videos, Chaturbate has you covered.

The site is well-designed and easy to navigate, with lots of tags to help you find your preferred niche. Expect to enjoy countless hours of cybersex chat on Chaturbate!

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#2 AdultFriendFinder


Adultfriendfinder is by far the best when it comes to the membership base. It has the largest number of members around the world than any other cybersex site, helping to increase the chance of finding the perfect friend for you.

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  • - The World's Largest Sex & Swinger Community
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One of the biggest advantages is the HD member webcams available. You can reduce the risk of scammers, since those who are there for the legitimate reasons will make use of the high quality webcam footage and photos. Those who don't can be skipped over easily with just a look. You can also chat to legitimate hot models through these webcams for something quick.

Registering with Adultfriendfinder is completely free, you can sign up with an email. And the site also allows logging in through Facebook. There's no need to worry about your friends on Facebook knowing you've created a profile on the site, as all data is confidential. The benefit is that you get a quick way to create an account and update your photos and information.

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#3 AshleyMadison


One of the most popular types of adult sex dating sites out there is affair based websites. AshleyMadison was originally designed as a place for those who are married to go and seek out the most exciting affairs. This is still the main focus of the website but now its users are also enjoying the world of cyber sex.

If you are in a committed relationship or you like the idea of being with someone who is, this is the website for you. For those that aren't interested in this idea, it probably is time to move on to the other website for cyber sex.

  • - Female members use the site for free
  • - Best cyber affair site to have sex chat with horny housewives
  • - An active chatroom
  • - Send gifts to impress other members
  • - App is available for iOS and Android

As the name AshleyMadison implies, you can find some of the hottest and lonely housewives on this website. But despite the name in the website name, AshleyMadison has a big focus on anonymity. Your information and identity will be protected by the site. Any information you put on your profile is kept private until someone joins the site and finds you.

AshleyMadison is your typical cyber affair site, you utilize a search and browse feature to find someone who interests you. From there you can go and talk with them. That being said, instead of purchasing a membership, you purchase credits. These credits are then used to take actions on the site, such as sending messages and gifts to impress other members.

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#4 Tinder


Tinder is the most famous sex dating app in the world. People from every country use it to find partners for all kinds of dating. More and more people in the last several years have turned to Tinder as a cyber sex app. The platform by its very nature is great for cyber sex and other less formal dating arrangements.

Instead of having long profiles and matching algorithms, users are displayed photos of other users. Swiping up will display a very brief profile. Something that is only meant to communicate a very brief description. Some people only have a few words. By basing the app on pictures and not profiles, Tinder is much more disrete compared to other options.

In order to communicate with another user on Tinder, you both need to swipe yes on each other. Otherwise, the messaging feature does not appear. That does mean that you need to make a really good first impression with your image and profile. But then you need to make an impression again when it comes to sending the first message.

You do need to be aware that when you use Tinder for cyber sex, you will encounter users who aren't looking for cyber sex. You will have to match with more people in order to find a match than you would on a cyber sex website.

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#5 Snapchat


Snapchat, like a couple of the other apps listed here, isn't specifically a cyber sex app. It is an app that makes cyber sex and sexting more discrete. Snapchat was originally designed for photographs, any images sent disappear after a certain amount of time. Now you can change the time frame for the deletion of videos and images. But keep in mind that you can take a screenshot of a photo so nothing is truly "disappearing."

Now Snapchat is used for its disappearing conversations. Whenever you exit the app or exit the conversation, it disappears. Leaving whatever you said to be between you and the sender. With the use of usernames as opposed to real names, the conversation is kept even more private. Even if a screenshot is taken, it doesn't do you much good.

Partner app Bitmoji is a popular addition to Snapchat that allows you to send personalized emojis. Use these to send a sexy message during your cyber sex encounters. It is a separate app that you can download for free.

It is important to note that Snapchat is used for chatting only. There isn't a feature to connect you with people that you don't know. Plenty of sites are designed to help connect you with other Snapchat users though, so there are resources out there.

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#6 Wickr


Wickr is another secret messaging app. It is based along the same lines as Snapchat but isn't dedicated specifically toward those just looking to have casual sex conversations. Wickr is designed to give everyone the privacy that they need, whether it is for personal or business reasons.

Wickr basic accounts are free for those who are looking to use Wickr for personal reasons such as cyber sex. Wickr's basic software is known as Wickr Me and includes 1:1 voice chat, deletion of messages up to six days after they are sent, Open Access, and 10 MB of file sharing. That of course is on top of being able to have 1:1 text conversations and group text conversations.

For all intensive purposes Wickr is more flexible and easier to use than Snapchat. The reason it has not caught on among social media users is that it simply is marketed as a different platform. Wickr is more feature rich and the important part of the app for cyber sex users is that your data is always private. Conversations are kept on your devices and never "owned" or "monetized" by Wickr.

Wickr, like Snapchat does not have a way for you to search for users that you don't know. You will have to use a dating site or other service to find users. You can also have cyber sex with people you know while being discrete.

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#7 Dust


Officially named Dust, those who enjoy cyber sex like Dust so much they have given it the name Cyber Dust. The name for the app comes from the idea that messages "dust" themselves (aka self-delete). Is very similar to Snapchat or Wickr but a new implementation of the platform idea.

No messages from Dust are ever permanent. You can have the app delete your messages off someone else's phone and off your own, making them secure. If someone takes a screenshot of your Dust conversation, the app notifies you. Because the app utilizes usernames and never identifying information, you can rest assured that even if a screenshot is taken, your information is safe.

Dust is designed to work much like your SMS (texting) app on your cell phone. The features are the same and the design is the same. You can send text and pictures easily. The only real difference is that everything that is sent is encrypted and can be deleted both on a timer and manually by the user.

Like with the other texting apps we have managed Dust is just a communication app and not a match making app. You will have to find users elsewhere, and be aware that there are less people who will already have dust on their device.

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#8 Chatzy


Chatzy initially will feel like an old school email website when you visit their website but it is more than that. After you send someone an invite from the Chatzy main page, you establish a chat room with them. You can use this chat room to talk about whatever you want, including cyber sex.

A lot of people love this cyber sex site because it doesn't require you to make an account. You just put your name, a title of the room, an invite message, and send the link to the other participant via email.

There are two types of chat on Chatzy, a quick chat is the easiest to use and can be set up quickly. However, it is very limited in the features that you can use. That is why they also have virtual rooms that take a little longer to set up. A virtual room can be customized and password protected.

All chat rooms on Chatzy are open, even when you, the owner, aren't logged in. That means you can have people wait for you or you can wait for someone else. Create a quick chat room to talk with others without any strings attached.

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#9 321SexChat


321SexChat is an adult sex chat room website - sexting website. Much like the very popular early hangouts on the internet, you are able to connect with other users and discuss whatever you want. The difference is that 321SexChat is an adult only platform where you can connect to hundreds or more people in themed chat rooms.

The themes available on 321SexChat are:

  • - Sex Chat
  • - Role-Play
  • - BDSM & Kink
  • - Cheating
  • - Gay Chat
  • - Lesbian Chat

All off these options allow you to find a room that is based on the specific type of chat you are looking to get. Once you sign in to the chat room, you can pick whether you want to talk in the group room or have direct messages with other users.

The website is setup to allow for sex text chat, video chat, and audio chat with any number of people. You can also send images back and forth if you want to. When you create a username on 321SexChat your real life identity is kept secret. You only reveal what you want to about yourself and as such, you can create an air of mystery or just be safe.

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#10 FreeChatNow


Sex chat rooms are one of the original places to go to have cybersex. For some reason, the internet sees less chat rooms than it used to. That being said, FreeChatNow (often referred to as Free Sex Chat Now) is a sex chat website for those that want to be able to have cyber sex online without having to add someone, search for them, or otherwise have other complicated steps.

Each chatroom on the website is broken down based on your interest. Here are the chat rooms currently available:

  • - Cam Sex chat
  • - Roleplay Chat
  • - Lesbian Chat
  • - Chat Forums
  • - Sexting

You simply login to one of their numerous sex chat rooms and you can start messaging right away. You can either talk in the main room or in private message. While private messages can be fun and exciting, we always recommend that you take the time to develop some conversation before jumping straight into sex talk.

FreeChatNow is a moderated collection of chatrooms. That makes it a much safer place to go than somewhere anyone can join and just start spamming and phishing. A level of safety and protection is always needed when on the internet.

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#11 iSexyChat


There are a number of cyber sex chat websites on the internet. iSexyChat is one of those, but it is also one of the most well-known ones, featuring a very sleek design. They host a number of rooms based on themes and each room is known to host a good number of users.

iSexyChat has less themed options than some of the alternatives out there but due to that there are more users in each room. You will find that it is much easier to find a match for cyber sex that way. Read full review >>

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