iSexyChat Review

iSexyChat may not be the most well-known adult chat site but it is certainly one worth trying out. A sleek interface and selection of great chatrooms make it an enjoyable website that you can have plenty of fun with.



iSexyChat is an adult chat site featuring a variety of chat rooms that cater to different sexual preferences and kinks. The chatrooms are generally popular with active users, giving you a good chance of finding someone to enjoy sex chat with, although a lack of video and audio chat do limit what you can do with anyone you meet.

Pricing and Registration

iSexyChat is completely free to use and requires no registration to get started. The idea is that all chatroom users are anonymous, with the option of sharing personal information if you strike up a conversation with someone and want to take things further.

That said, there is the option of registering an account if you want to save your nickname, which may be a good idea if you plan on using it regularly and want people to remember you. Also, there is no dedicated mobile app but the site is optimized for mobile use.


  • - Sex Chat
  • - Gay Chat
  • - Lesbian
  • - Roleplay Chat
  • - General Chat
  • - Trade Photos

As the core function of iSexyChat is an adult chat site it doesn't really offer many more features beyond its chat rooms. However, the chatrooms are nice and varied to cater to different sexual preferences and a few kinks, making it a good choice if you have something specific in mind for your adult chat.

The site does boast a nice user interface that clearly directs you to each of the chatrooms. When click on any chatroom you're asked who you'd like to chat with and your gender (e.g. men, women, transgender, something else). After this, just create your nickname and head into the chatroom for some fun!

While the lack of features like video and voice chat are certainly a downside, the quality of the chatrooms in iSexyChat certainly makes for it. This is a thriving and loyal community where people are more than happy to partake in kinky adult chat.

Each chatroom tends to have a good volume of active users who actively enjoy sex chat. Conversations are varied and a lot of fun, with people talking about roleplay, fetishes, fantasies and all the usual sexual chat you'd hope from an adult chat room.

So, while you're not guaranteed to get some sexting action or cybersex, you can certainly enjoy exchanging photos, pornos, and other adult content with a very lively and friendly community.


There is a lot to like about iSexyChat. It's a well-made website that has a fantastic community of users who love talking all things adult related. You don't need to pay anything or sign up, making it a great place for people who want to keep their information away from adult chat sites.

The nice variation of chatrooms makes it easy to join in on conversations on your favorite sexual preferences and fantasies, while you can easily exchange contact info with anyone that wants to sext.

However, a lack of video or audio options means you probably won't be getting much one-on-one action with other users. Instead, you can expect to chat with friendly uses that talk all things sex, which certainly isn't a bad thing but may not be what you're looking for in an adult chat site.

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