Cybersex vs. Sexting – What Are The Differences?

The internet is a fun place. Just about every possible way for you to get off exists somewhere on the internet. Two very hot topics on the internet right now are cybersex and sexting. Many people use the two words interchangeably but are they really the same? Today we are going to look at cybersex and sexting and find out whether or not they are different. And if they are different, how?

Cybersex and sexting are two very similar acts. The difference between them comes down to what device you are using. Both terms refer to sending sexualized messages, images, and videos. We are going to take a little more look at both.

Cybersex VS. Sexting

What Is Cybersex?

Cybersex is the act of having a sexual conversation over the internet on a computer. For cybersex you typically use a chatroom but you can also use an instant messaging or cyber sex sites too. Some dating websites also offer a cybersex feature or people cybersex right in the messages.

Cybersex most commonly happens with text but can also include pictures, videos, or video chat. Sometimes voice chat too. More advanced types of cybersex are becoming more common as the world of the internet and technology grow. For example, most laptops and computers have webcams, making it easier to video chat.

Connected sex toys are also supported by a number of platforms. These sex toys make it easy for both parties to enjoy the same experience. The vibrator pulses at the same time that the masturbation device moves. This brings a whole new level to the world of online sex. Some would say this is the way of the future.

What Is Sexting?

Similar to cybersex, sexting is the act of talking sexually over a distance. Instead of using a computer, sexting is done via text message. This is where the name comes from, it is a mix of texting and sex. Despite the two being very similar acts many people feel different with sexting as our phones are always with us and that brings with it a sense of a better connection to your partner.

Sexting can include just as many different combinations of media too. Modern cellular networks and devices allow for all kinds of information to be shared over a text.

What makes sexting different is that you need to have a partner before you can start sexting. It doesn't matter if it is a casual thing or a serious relationship but texting doesn't allow you to search for people who are interested in having digital sex.

Are Cybersex and Sexting Real?

Many people wonder whether either form of digital sex can be considered a real form of sex. In terms of physical sex with both partners in the same place, the answer is no. However, both forms of digital sex can be considered real sex in a way. Both involve two partners who are engaging in very sexual activity.

This is an area with a lot of debate but many people would agree that cybersex and sexting are a real type of sex. With the world of connected sex toys this is even more true than in the past.

Now that you know what cybersex and sexting is it is time to try out these fun activities for yourself. The easiest way to find a partner is by using a website that is specifically designed for connecting those interested in sexting or cybersex. There are a number of them on the internet. You could also join any number of chatrooms to find partners in real time. Some think the age of the chatroom is dead but with cybersex being so popular, that is far from the truth.