Dust - Also Known As Cyber Dust

Dust, also known as cyber dust, is a relatively new app that lots of people are using for cybersex chat. It has a strong focus on privacy, making it good choice for anyone that wants to keep their sexting activities private and ensure no photos or messages are leaked online.



Dust is an instant messaging app developed by American businessman Mark Cuban. The core function of Dust is providing a secure location to message other people, with a host of features such as auto-delete, no tracing, and no-proof screenshots making it a popular option for those that value their privacy.


To register with Dust, you simply download the application onto your smartphone and then sign up for an account. It requires some personal information to create your account, including a phone number, email address, and date of birth.

Dust is completely free to download and use, while there are no subscription-based services currently available on the app.


  • - Auto Dust
  • - Strong Encryption
  • - No-Proof Screenshot

Auto Dust

One of the biggest features on Dust is Auto-Dust, which is basically an auto delete feature like on Snapchat and similar messaging applications. This allows users to keep their sexting and other activities on the application completely under wraps.

Messages, photos, and videos are all designed to automatically delete after a pre-determined amount of time. Times for Auto-Dust are adjustable, ranging from 20 to 100 seconds, so you can easily make sure none of the content in your messages is ever saved.

Auto-dust applies to both user ends, meaning your messages and content can't be stored on someone's phone either. This helps to ensure that anything you do on Dust remains between you and the user - perfect for sexting while keeping things off record for good.

Strong Encryption

Dust uses advanced encryption software to ensure your data never gets leaked and nobody can access what your writing or sending to others. The app uses a combination of 128-bit AES encryption and RSA 2048-bit key to ensure nobody can ever trace you or your data.

Again, privacy is often a big attraction for people looking for cybersex chat on instant messaging apps, making Dust quite appealing when you consider the auto-delete feature.

No-Proof Screenshot

A big hurdle against auto-deleting is taking screenshots. Many people take a screenshot of an elicit photo and then publish it online or save it to their phone, which nobody wants when they're trying to have some fun sex chat.

Sadly, the no-proof screenshot feature is somewhat limited on Dust. For instance, you cannot ban screenshots on iOS, meaning people using it on their iPhones could still take a screenshot of your images or messages. You do get a notification which is somewhat helpful.

Android users cannot take screenshots using Dust however, which offers even more security and privacy for users that want to keep their sexting activities off the record.


Dust has a nice set of features that make it good for avoiding a paper trail of your sexting activities but there is a big thing limiting the app - not many people are using it.

You can browse through popular users and add them like you would on social media, but this doesn't guarantee you'll find someone to sext with. However, if you convince people you know to use it or come across others using the app, it has plenty of good features for a fun time sexting in private.

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