Safe Tips for Girls Using Cybersex Chatrooms

More and more people are turning to the internet to satisfy their need to sext. Either through cybersex apps or through cybersex websites the anonymity of online sexting can be a major turn on for people. But as with anything online, sometimes the anonymity can lead dangerous people to feel emboldened. There are still dangerous to online sexting and that is why it is so important for women to protect themselves against the creepers who lurk in online cybersex chat rooms and sex dating sites.

Safe Tips Cybersex

Do Not Share Your Location

This is one of the first things that our parents taught us at the dawn of the internet proliferation age and it still rings true today. Do not ever let anyone know where you live, work, or spend a lot of your time. Check images for identifying information. Any photos with landmarks identifying the city where you live, any newspapers or sports memorabilia should all be hidden on the picture or through editing software. You don't know where these people are and you certainly don't want a bad encounter to know where you live or work.

Do Not Agree to Meet Up Somewhere

After a few rounds of sex chat back and forth your mind might genuinely believe that you have a connection to this person. Keep in mind throughout all of this that you do not know them and that this nice person persona they have put on may not be the truth. If you still have a desire to meet up, only do so in a public place where you are safe. Meet already inside the restaurant or already inside the mall. Do not get caught alone outside with a stranger. As always, your best bet is to not meet any of these people outside of the internet.

Hide Your Real Contact Information

The internet has allowed for numerous websites that can hide your true phone number. Most people do not know this but your real phone is attached to your social media profiles and those profiles can be found be reverse searching the number. Use a phone number from Google Voice or WhatsApp or Kik to hide your real number and make tracing your and finding you a little bit harder.

Do Not Include Your Face in Photos

This is another social media protection. Photos can be saved and used in a search engine like Google or Bing and they can lead to your profile picture. Also, even if you do not have social media profiles, including your face in sexts can lead to danger. The internet is forever and this photo of you on the internet may exist forever in some dark corners of the dark web. You do not want anyone to be able to identify this photo as one of you. Think of all the celebrity sexting scandals, we only knew it was them because of their faces in the photos! Don't let it happen to you!