Chatzy - An Old-school Cybersex Chatroom

Chatzy may look like it was invented in the 90s due to its old-school chatroom design, but the website and mobile app are very modern and offer a suitable place for naughty online cybersex chat. It's flown under the radar for most of its existence but has a nice selection of feature that many people will find appealing.



Chatzy is an online chatroom available on desktop and mobile devices. It has a throwback design that strongly resembles early internet chatrooms of the 1990s, although it's a modern site with a few nice features that make it a good option for online cybersex.


You can sign up for Chatzy for free on their website or by downloading the mobile application. Sadly, the app is only available for Android devices, so iPhone owners will need to use the desktop version.

Registration is quite standard and optional. You are free to use the site or app without registering an account, although doing so gives access to a host of additional features, such as listing your chat rooms, saving chatroom settings, and more notably controlling access to chatrooms you create.


Chatzy is entirely free to use, although there are subscription models available that give access to additional features and perks.

The two subscription models available are Premium User and Premium Room. Each costs $10 for three months, $15 for six months, and $24, working out to only $2-3 per month

With Premium User, you get unrestricted access to all chat rooms, unlimited private messaging in any chat room, unlimited lists, an HTTPS privacy. Premium Room grants these benefits to anyone that uses chat rooms you create.

Premium User is good for anyone that simply wants to browse other chat rooms, while Premium Room is great for those that create and manage their own chatrooms.


  • - Private Chat Rooms
  • - Quick Chats
  • - Virtual Rooms

Chatzy has one core feature - private chat rooms.

It's a no thrills experience but still one that's easy and free to use. You can create your own private chat rooms or simply browse other chat rooms to find people who want some sexting. Sadly, there is no webcam feature so you'll be limited to just chatting, although many people still love to get naughty with their online messaging.

While users may initially find the basic design off-putting, it does help with the overall user experience, making it very intuitive to use. You simply create a username and then create your own chat room or search for others.

If you want to create a secure place for sexting online, Chatzy is good option. All you need to do is create a chat room and then send out the invite to whoever you want to sext with. You can add as many users as you want too, so could essentially turn your chatroom into a cybersex forum!

Chatroom options include Quick Chat and Virtual Rooms. Quick Chat is a chat room that is quick and easy to create, although you can't create passwords or change any of the formatting. Virtual Rooms offer more features such as setting permission, creating passwords, welcome messaging, and enabling disabling certain features.


Although basic in design and function, there's a lot to like with Chatzy. It's a free and easy to use, allowing you to create a private chat between just two people for some fun cybersex chat online.

You can control and manage chatrooms too, which is good for adding more users or keeping things one-to-one depending on what you're looking for.

The lack of webcams certainly hurts if you want to get hot and steamy online, but you can still send images if you're a registered user.

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