Do You Get Attached to Your Sex Chat Partner?

Finding an online sex chat partner is like striking gold. You can have all kinds of kinky cybersex chat and get to do so as frequently as you both like, living out your favourite fantasies and desires, all from the comfort of your computer.

In fact, many people find online sex chat highly addictive. You have instant access to dirty talk without needing to do much else, giving the chance to talk dirty, sensually, or role playing - basically live all out your fantasies without needing to do much!

Unfortunately, many people get too attached to someone they start sex chatting with. This may not seem like a bad thing at first but being too attached to anything is rarely a good idea, as it can have a negative impact on your self-esteem and your personal relationships.

Here's some tips for what to do if you get too attached to your online sex chat partner.

Get Attached

Take a Step Back

One of the reasons you are getting too attached is because you can have sex chat whenever you want with a person that offers no judgement. It's almost addictive for some, with the positive feeling of having sex chat online making you want more and more, leading many to become too attached to their chatting partner.

Should this happen, it's a good idea to take a step back from all online sex chatting. Take a break from the websites and apps your using, as this will help take your mind off the person you're getting attached too.

Do some hobbies, hang out with friends, take a walk each day instead of logging into the chat room - anything that gets you away from sex chatting will help forget about the person and remember they aren't the be all and end all.

Be Honest with Them

You may feel bad for ditching the person suddenly without a word of warning, which could see you coming back to explain your reasons and possible reigniting your sex chat relationship. To avoid this, explain to the person that you've become too attached to them and want to resolve the situation.

Most should be very understanding of the situation - if they react negatively then you have even more reason to stop sex chatting.

Focus on You

Getting too attached to anyone online - whether a sex chat partner or otherwise - often stems from a loneliness. You want to fulfil something that is missing, so head online to find someone that can satisfy this, with many eventually getting too attached to the person they chat with.

To try and avoid or resolve this feeling, you should focus on yourself. By loving yourself first and foremost, you're less likely to get too attached to people you hope can fill this role.

It's a healthy approach as getting too emotionally attached to a sex chat partner isn't the best - you're only likely to find yourself disappointed when too attached to someone.

One of the best ways you can focus on yourself is by getting back out there! Go hang with friends you've not spoken to, go see a movie and chill with your family, or even try getting a date with someone!

You'll find the satisfaction from these moments far outweigh those you get from chatting to a cybersex partner online.