Snapchat - The Art of Sexting

When it comes to sexting and cybersex there are fewer apps better than Snapchat. In fact, Snapchat helped revolutionize the art of sexting, letting users send videos and photos that quickly disappear. Add in the standard chatting feature and you have one awesome app for sexting.



As the name suggests, Snapchat is an application that involves snapping photos, videos, and chatting. Available for iOS and Android devices, the application is one of the most downloaded ever, resulting in a massive userbase.

Due to the main feature that sees photos and videos deleted shortly after being sent, Snapchat has become a hugely popular app for sexing and cybersex. The fact that photos disappear only enhances the sexting experience, helping to tease and excite like nothing else.

Registration and Pricing

Registering an account with Snapchat couldn't be easier. Simply download it onto a compatible smartphone and sign up with a new account. You only need a name, username, date of birth, and valid email address. After this you're free to use Snapchat and start adding users to get sexing.

Also, Snapchat is completely free to use so you don't need to pay anything to start your sexting adventures.


  • - Send Snaps
  • - Snap Story
  • - Chat
  • - Video and Voice Chat


Snaps are the core function of Snapchat. Consisting of a video or photograph, you send these to any contact you want, whether publicly to all your contacts or privately to a single user. Obviously this great for sexting, as you can easily send nudes and kinky videos, with the ability to add graphics, emojis, and other fun animations to the content.

These graphics work well for censoring images, adding even more tension to your sexting by teasing your body and not revealing all.

More importantly, Snaps only last for up to ten seconds after they're sent. This makes sexting so much hotter, as you only get a limited time to check out those nudes or videos. You send photos taken directly from your phone or from your saved images.

It's worth noting that you may want to adjust settings when sexting with Snapchat. For instance, you can alter how long the Snaps last before being deleted, who can view your profile.

Snap Stories

A Snap story compiles 24 hours of Snaps and posts them for your contacts to see. These can be made to be quite kinky if you're using the app for sexing and other cyber fun, just bear in mind anyone can view them.


Chatting is Snapchat's messaging feature. You can chat with any of your contacts by visiting them on the Friends screen and selecting the person you want to chat with. This is great for private sexting as you can send photos and videos directly to each other.

Messages sent during Chat automatically delete 24 hours after both people have viewed them, although there is an option to extend this time, while you can also save them. Any saved messages are shown in grey during the chat so you both know what's saved.

Video and Voice Chat

One on one video and voice chat features are now available on Snapchat. These are great for naughty video chat and phone sex, while you can even use the voice and video chat with groups too - although we doubt group videos are ideal for sexting!


Snapchat is one of the best sexting apps on the planet. Its core features cater towards sending nudes photos and videos with the upmost ease, even letting you add images to create fun, teasing Snap for your recipient. With so many users, it's easy to find users that are more than happy to take part in sexting and the like.

The fact everything eventually deletes itself may sound frustrating but it actually adds to the excitement. Think of it as the ultimate teasing app for sex chat and other cyber fun.

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