FreeChatNow Review

Finding the right website for sexting, cybersex, and other naughty online activities is often difficult.

Using a dating site is always an option but you aren't guaranteed to get the results you want, as not everyone is here for such explicit content. Instead, you want to use dedicated sites such as FreeChatNow, which is one of the best places online for sexting and cybersex.



FreeChatNow is a free adult chatroom that was first launched in the 1990s. It has remained one of the most popular adult chatrooms since then, providing a diverse range of chatrooms that cater to all sexual preferences and kinks.

Starting out as a basic chatroom in the early days of the internet, FreeChatNow as developed many features that make it a great place for sexting and adult chat online, with video and audio chat available alongside the standard text chatting.

Registration and Pricing

FreeChatNow requires absolutely no registration or payment. It's a core principle that the site has maintained since its inception, which is probably why it remains so popular after all these years.

All you need to do to start chatting online is to visit the website, create a username, confirm your age and then you're free to use all the chatrooms and features. There is also an application for iOS and Android devices that offers mobile chatting.


  • - Chatrooms
  • - Live Chat
  • - Mobile Chat
  • - Video Chat


FreeChatNow has an outstanding selection of chatrooms that cater to all tastes and preferences. There's such a diverse range of chatrooms that you'll struggle to choose one! Each room also provides all the basic features detailed below, including live chat, mobile chat, and video chat.

Current chatrooms available on FreeChatNow include:

  • - Cam Sex
  • - Live Sex
  • - Adult Chat
  • - Sex Chat
  • - Singles Chat
  • - Lesbian Chat
  • - Gay Chat
  • - Cam Chat
  • - Roleplay Chat

As you can imagine, these chatrooms are filled with likeminded individuals that want to enjoy all kinds of kinky chat online. It's easy to find someone to start sexting or video chatting with, as everyone is very upfront about why they're using the site!

Live Chat

Live chat lets you chat with others in live time using text messaging or audio chat. Simply start typing or speak into your microphone to get chatting with a live user. All kinds of sexy conversations are available wit live chat, while there is generally no lag.

Mobile Chat

FreeChatNow has a mobile app for chatting on the move. Available for Apple and Android devices, you simply download the app, sign in and then start sexting in your desired chatroom. Mobile chat is fully optimized and responsive, offering a great experience for those that want to sext on their phone or tablet.

Video Chat

While text chat is enjoyable enough for some, many prefer to take things up a notch by sharing naughty videos with each other. FreeChatNow's video chat feature is available on mobile and desktop, with options to chat one-to-one or to many users at once.


FreeChatNow has outlasted most adult chat sites for a reason - it's simple, has lots of users, a diverse range of chatrooms, and all kinds of useful features. Anyone that wants to take part in sexting or cybersex should always try the site out, as it's completely free and remains one of the most visited adult chat sites in the world.

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