Was Tinder Originally Used for Cybersex Chat?

Tinder is not regularly considered a place for hookups, casual sex, and cybersex chat. With the setup of looking at a picture first and swiping left/right, it has more of a sense of a one-night stand than a long-term dating option.

The big question for many is what Tinder was originally set up for. Was it always intended to be a place for cybersex chat? Was it a place for hookups or was there a more long-term dating view from the app?

Tinder Cybersex

What Tinder Was Originally Set Up For

It may surprise you but Tinder was never originally a site for dating at all. The app started as a means of communication, similar to Facebook but for phones. Sean Rad and Justin Mateen wanted to create a space that allowed people to connect quickly and easily.

There was the ability to meet people in the local area. This was a chance to get to know others behind a phone, offering the chance to build confidence between meeting up. And that's where it grew.

The way the app was originally designed can be surprising. It's talked about so much now for dating, especially in popular culture, that it's easy to think that was the real reason it was set up. However, the owners definitely had something else in mind.

Dating App or Casual Hookup App?

Now it's turned into something that can be used for dating and hookups. It's a place for local singles to meet with others. So, is it for dating or hookups? Is it a place for cybersex chat?

Tinder is something for everyone. There are definitely people on there who want to look for long-term relationships. Others just want to find friends or are initially interested in dating but then find people that they can just be friends with better.

Then there are those who are only there for hookups. Tinder is becoming popular for this because it all starts with a profile picture. There's that element of instant physical attraction, which leads to people deciding whether they're interested sexually or not. Think of it a little like meeting someone in a bar.

But it has the texting/chat room element to it. There's no pressure to immediately meet up with someone offline and you get this chance to chat to them. This can lead to the cybersex chat. You don't know them, but you can feel more at ease of being yourself or pushing yourself out of your comfort zone through sex.

Most people don't even use the app for any sort of dating, let alone hooking up. Most people use it for the main reason it was created: to have fun.

Tinder Is a Game

Something that the founders of the app have always said is that Tinder is a mobile app game. People don't necessarily go there looking for something, except to have fun. This type of fun can be found in multiple ways.

Some people end up dating, others end up hooking up. There are others who will just chat, whether sexually or platonically. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the reasons why you play Tinder, as long as you're having fun.

Of course, like any website, game, or app, you need to play responsibly and safely. Because of the ability to cybersex quickly and privately, it's important to consider the addictive qualities to this. In fact, just like any game, it's important to consider how addictive it can all become. There are other dangers of using the app.

Because photos are sent through the system, they can be downloaded onto devices. If you send nude photos while sexting, they could be saved on someone else's device and used against you. Unfortunately, there are scammers out there who want to blackmail you because of your nude photos. Scammers are around in other forms, too, which can lead to other problems.

It's also possible that you become so engrossed into the Tinder cybersex that you forget about your real-life relationships. This can cause problems with friendships or even any romantic relationships you have. It's important to set rules for yourself for when you use the app and how often.

What do you use Tinder for? What are you considering to use it for? There are people online who want to use it for cybersex and sexting. However, not everyone is there for that and it's not the reason Tinder was originally created. The idea is to have fun, so as you're using Tinder, question yourself about whether you really are having fun.