Toys for Cybersex - What is Teledildonics (Also Known As Cyberdildonics)

Cybersex is a wonderful activity where you can try out just about any kind of fantasy or sex through the computer. These activities are very enjoyable and have a lot of options that are associated with them. But until not too long ago there was one thing missing. A true way for those who are having cybersex to interact in the physical space.


Teledildonics AKA Cyberdildonics

The solution is teledildonics. Also referred to as cyberdildonics, teledildonics is the connection of sex toys to the internet. Yes, experts have added sex toys to the world of connected devices. And those who have tried them? Love them.

Including toys with your cybersex already enhances the experience. You add the ability to feel more than just your own body during sex chat. With your imagination it feels as if your partner is actually there with you. Not only that, your fingers are only so big. A toy adds more size, shapes, and abilities. Not to mention if you get a vibrating toy, that adds the ability to feel more than you could from sex itself.

Imagine what happens when you add the interactivity of teledildonics. All a partner needs to do is use an app or website to control your toys. Once there the partner can change the vibration intensity, the pattern, and more depending on the toy that is being used and your settings.

More About Teledildonics Industry

With all of this in mind, let's learn more about the teledildonics industry. A patent in 1998 was filed on using the internet to control sexual devices. The patent was so wide that it encompassed just about any sex toy that could use the internet to be controlled. It wasn't until August 2018 that that patent expired, opening the doors to the creation of a broad amount of different sex toys.


Lovense is often credited as being the leader in the teledildonics industry. They have a number of devices that are available to them with the leading device being the Lush and the Nora. These two devices connect to your phone by Bluetooth. You can then control the device via your phone.

One of the great features of Lovense is that you can then connect it to the internet so other people can control your device at long distances. You get to pick who can control it and what they can do but it is much more fun to let the other person decide how they want to control your device.

Lovense has a number of other devices, including:

  • Max (Male Masturbator)
  • Hush (Anal Plug)
  • Ambi (Bullet Vibrator)
  • Domi (Mini Wand)
  • Edge (Prostate Massager)
  • Osci (G-Spot Toy)

With all of these options you can really open up the world of cybersex and sex toys. But Lovense isn't the only option when it comes to teledildonics. A number of smaller companies have opened up and are developing toys. Their biggest competition is the Kiiro.

Kiiro makes toys that are very similar to Lovense and can be controlled over the internet. Their toys are categorized into toys for him and toys for her. They also have toys that are designed for couples. The couples toys for both Kiiro and Lovense are designed to work together and synchronize. That way those who are having cybersex or long distance sex can experience it together.

Internet connected sex toys cost around $100 and up. It depends on the model and toy that you are looking at. When you consider that a quality sex toy costs about the same, you will find that teledildonics is pretty easy to get into. You can start to enjoy them with random people or with ongoing sex chat partners. That is the beauty, the platform is very versatile and you can use it how you want to and how your partner wants to.

Take a look at both the Lovense and Kiiro websites. If you have ever wanted to enhance your options when having cyber sex, teledildonics is the way to do it. And now that the patent has expired, the options and capabilities will continue to grow. Offering you the ability to truly experience your cybersex partners.