6 True Facts About Online Sexting

by FreeCyberSexSites.com

Sexting or online sex chat is one of the most popular sexual activities around the world. People, both men and women, love to engage in the activity. Many different sexting websites have arisen where people can sext or find someone to have cyber sex chat with. But there are still plenty of questions that people have about online sexting. Today we are going to help answer some of those questions.

Sexting facts

Women Get Paid To Sext

One of the most exciting facts about sexting is that there are plenty of jobs on the internet where women get paid to sext. These jobs are similar to webcam model jobs, but you don't have to show your own image on the internet. The only real job requirements for being a paid sexter is that you are 18 or over and that you have sexual experience.

Getting paid to have sex chat with men can make good money. Many of these positions can also earn you tips form customers who are extra satisfied.

Sexting Can Help Your Relationship

If you are in a relationship, sexting can help you to build a bond with your partner. It also allows you to build up a sense of excitement in your relationship. Studies have shown that it helps. You can also reduce that first time tension that exists between partners before they have sex.

An important fact to know is that those in relationships are actually more likely to sext.

Snapchat Is A Great Place To Have Cyber Sex

If you find a partner to sext with on a dating site, cyber sex sites, or in person, then there is a better place to sext than an online chat room. Snapchat and other cyber sex apps that allow for disappearing messages and pictures are great features. You don't have to share phone numbers or other personalized information, just your Snapchat username.

Even with Snapchat or a similar app, you should be careful sending pictures. Only send pictures of yourself to someone that you trust.

All Kinds Of People Sext

People wonder what kind of person wants to sext. This often comes from the societal belief that those who sext have something wrong with them. As long as sexting happens between two consenting adults, there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, it is a healthy practice. Men and women alike engage in sexting. Age doesn't stop people from sexting, you can't be too old to sext!

It is important that you know here and now that sexting isn't a bad act and you aren't a bad person for wanting to sext.

People Use Emojis To Sext

You know those cute little pictures that you have the option of sending on your phone? These are commonly used for sexting. Whether it is the peach standing for someone's feminine parts or the eggplant standing for a man's junk, people have gotten quite creative. Learning the art of using emojis to sext can spice up your encounters.

Make sure to check out the article that we wrote on the different emojis that you can use to sext.

Revenge Porn and Sharing Of Sexts Is A Thing

Anyone who engages in sexting should know that revenge porn and sharing of sexts happens. It is found that more than 15% of people pass on their sexts to complete strangers. That means that your image could be sent to just about anyone if you don't trust your sexting partner.

Almost everyone who participates in sexting doesn't delete the messages off their phone. That means they keep the images of you. If you break things off they might post any pictures they have. There is a whole type of porn for this known as revenge porn.

While this does happen, it isn't every case. It isn't even half of the cases. Sexting is still a fun activity but like with real life sexual encounters you should always be safe.

Sexting is not something new, people have been exchanging sexual text messages since texting was invented. But it didn't become a widespread activity until the smartphone became common place. People didn't want to spend the time typing out sexual messages on phones without a standard keyboard. Just the time spent typing was a turn off. Now people are truly able to enjoy themselves, and make a career out of sexting.