What to Do If Your Sexting Partner Ask for A Meeting Up

Sexting is one of the most popular sexual activities in the world today. You don't have to be with your partner in order to enjoy the experience. It is also a safe option both against sexual misconduct and STDs/STIs. Trying out your fantasies and exploring new sexual acts via sexting and cyber sex chat can also be very rewarding.

But there is a moment that appears whenever you are engaged in sexting. A moment when your sex chat partner asks you if you want to meet up. What do you do when this happens?

Sexting and Meet Up

First, Decide How You Feel

The first step in handling the question is to determine how you feel. What does the idea of meeting up with your sex chat partner make you feel? Do you like the idea or does it make you scared? Are you just nervous of them not liking you? These are all questions you need to go through asking yourself.

Once you have decided how you feel you can take one of two paths. The first path is to decide to meet up and go from there. The other option is to say no. That leads to two options. Let's explore each path.

You Want To Hookup

If you decide that you want to meet up with your sexting partner, then let them know that. But one thing to ensure is your safety. Start by talking about what you two want to do when you meet up. Ask them what they are looking for in the meet up. After that, let them know what you are looking for.

Before you meet up it is important to set rules. Those rules should include using protection. Condoms are always a good idea as they don't just provide protection from pregnancy but also from STDs. Other protection options exist but they are limited in what they offer.

You also need to decide where you want to meet. Our recommendation is that you always meet for the first time in a public space such as a Starbucks or a local restaurant. This helps to prevent anything from happening to you. You don't truly know your cyber sex chat partner until you meet them in person.

You Don't Want To Hookup

If you don't want to hookup with your sexting partner, the first thing that you need to do is tell them that. Most of the time the partner will continue to ask you to get together. Let them know that it is a firm no. You should never let someone pressure you into a sexual encounter. As a human you have the ability to say no.

What you do need to do is decide whether or not you want to continue a sex chat relationship with your partner. For a lot of people, once your sexting partner asks to meet up, the relationship should be over. It is seen as step towards a less casual relationship.

That being said, there are plenty of people who are willing to continue a relationship after being asked to meet up. It is important that you make it clear that you don't want to meet up and don't want to be asked again. Let the know that if you change your mind, you will bring it up. It is important to impress upon them that you will be done if they continue to ask that you will stop talking with them.

A Quick Note

It is important to establish ground rules before starting any kind of sexual relationship. While establishing those ground rules, one of the things that you should discuss is whether or not it is in your future to meet up in person. That should prevent this whole question from arising.

Sexting is a wonderful sexual activity that is easy to engage in. You can find partners anywhere, from your friend circle to the internet. There is little surprise that it has become so popular. But there are always questions that arise. Now you have an answer to one of the most popular. Make sure to read our blog posts to get advice on any other question you might have.