Why Some People Love Sex Chat Rather Than Real-life Casual Sex?

In the news and around the internet recently we have heard a lot about cybersex chat. People have been engaging in cyber sex/sex chat for years. Since texting and the internet have been around. It was one of the first uses for the internet. The history books tend to forget about sexual activity though. More and more recently, people have been turning to sex chat in order to entertain themselves.

They go to cyber sex and prefer it over real-life casual sex. Why is this? How can people enjoy something more than real sex?

Cybersex Rea life sex

No Limits

Engaging in cyber sex or sex chat is desired by so many people because there are no limits. When you have real life casual sex you encounter any number of limits. Your stamina, your physical constraints, your environment, other people. All of these may prevent you from enjoying your desires.

On the other hand, sex chat can keep going way past when you would normally be done. Beyond that, you can move in any way that you want.

Plenty of people out there also have sexual desires that can't be fulfilled in real life due to them being imaginative. For example, furries are not real and neither are elves or vampires. But when you engage in sex chat you can be whatever you want.

Try Out Your Fantasies

Everyone who has ever thought about sex (just about everyone) has some sort of fantasy. Most people have two. Asking someone to help you with one of these fantasies can be extremely daunting. Not just that, it sometimes takes some experience to try out fantasies. That is, unless you are having sex chat. During sex chat you can try anything you want.

Through typing you can live out your fantasies. The typing is how you engage with the other person but you mind is where you start to form an image of what is going on. This image can be better than anything that happens in reality because it happens the way you want it.

Sex Chat Doesn't Stop At The Screen

Having sex chat happens on a device of some kind, whether it be your phone or computer. That being said, the chat doesn't stop at the screen. Your fingers or hand are wonderful tools but they aren't the only things you can use. Many people use a number of props in combination with their sex chat. Dildos, vibrators, gags, anal plugs, are all just a few examples of the fun props that can be added.

There are also futuristic props that are connected to internet or your device that allow your partner to control them. Lovence is one of those. The vibrator function is controlled by your partner to heighten the reality of the experience.

You Still Get Off

During real life sex people get off, and it doesn't necessarily happen inside someone. Why is it any different to get off during sex chat then when you are with someone in real life? Those who think that sex chat is more entraining than real life casual sex have figured this out. If you are getting off there really isn't much of a difference.

And one of the most enjoyable things about sex chat is that you can get off and keeping going even easier than in person. You don't have to worry about any judgement or a condom or anything like that. Just keep going.

Getting the other person who is engaged in sex chat is also a thrill. You aren't just getting yourself off, there is a person on the other end getting off with you. Keeping the other person in your mind helps to keep the idea feeling real. You can't lose the fact that you are still with someone even if it is through a computer.

No matter who you are, enjoying sex chat is both a more enjoyable and safer option than real life casual hookups. It is also pretty easy to try. Who doesn't enjoy having fun? There are so many possibilities with sex chat/cyber sex and all they are waiting for is you.