The Upsides and Downsides Of Having Cybersex

Cybersex is one of the most popular modern sexual activities. You can engage in just about anything that you want. Anything that you text or chat about sex online or over a phone can be considered cybersex. The term is very broad and that is another reason that many people like it.

Just because cybersex is liked by so many doesn't mean that it doesn't have upsides and downsides. We are going to go over both today so that you know what to turn to.

Upsides and Downsides Of Having Cybersex

You Can Try Anything

One of the things that is most enjoyable about cybersex is that you can try just about anything that you want to. Whether it is something that you can do in reality or not. You can try any sexual position, have as many people as you want, or even explore fantasy worlds such as elves, vampires, and anything else.

It is a good way to determine whether or not you will like something in real life. Or to live out those fantasies that are impossible in the real world.

Learn About Sex

For those who don't know much about sex or are just discovering their sexuality, cybersex can be a great tool. It helps you to learn who you are and what you like. While you will find certain things that you don't like when you try them in real life, cybersex is a good way to judge it. For those that want to remain a virgin until they are married, cybersex allows them to still experience some fun. And a way to be prepared for when they get married.

Build A Relationship

Cybersex has been shown to build relationships. Some psychologists and other experts have backed this. You start to bond as a couple and learn about each other. Long distance relationships can especially benefit from this. During cybersex you start to establish a bond and build trust, something that is hard to maintain over a distance.

Can Combine With Toys And Other Activities

Just because cybersex takes place on the internet, doesn't mean you are limited to the internet and your fingers. You can combine cybersex with other things such as sex toys (dildos, anal plugs, vibrators, and more). More than that, there are connected toys that are interactive. Lovense and other toys connect to the internet through your smartphone and your partner can control your toy.

It Can Be Addicting

One of the dangers of cybersex is that it can be extremely addictive. It is easy to have cybersex and those who get off enjoy a chemical that is released in the brain. The more that chemical is released, the better you will feel.

Those who have an addictive personality or have had other addictions may be more likely to have problems with addiction.

Cybersex Can Numb You

It is possible to have so much cybersex, so often, that you become too used to getting off. When this happens you may find that it is harder to become aroused or harder to get off. But this is just a good example of the commonplace rule that everything should be done in moderation.

Be Cautious With Those You Have Cybersex With

It is always important that you check the age of those that you have cybersex with. People of all ages can access chat rooms and there has been a history of those who are not legal age having cybersex.

Just Because It Is Digital Doesn't Mean You Aren't At Risk

Cybersex still has risks, even if it isn't pregnancy or STDs. There have been cases where people have been blackmailed over cybersex. That is why you only send pictures to people that you trust and you be safe about who you give your name to.

This also includes video chat as it is easy to take screenshots or capture recordings of a video conversation. This can even be done on a smartphone. Just like with other sexual activities, taking your safety into account is always important.

Do you want to engage in cybersex? We highly encourage you to at least try it out. By itself, cybersex isn't inherinty bad. What people have done with it makes it bad. As long as you are a responsible adult, you will enjoy the upsides without having the downsides affect you. So what are you waiting for? Sign into a chat room, text a friend, whatever you want, but try out the world of cybersex.