Things to Avoid When Having Skype Sex Chat With Strangers


Cyber sex is an amazing experience. You can try just about anything you want. That being said, even though you can't catch an STD or get pregnant there can be risks associated with cyber sex. Especially cyber sex that utilizes Skype or another video chat method. Let's take a brief look.


Avoid Showing Your Face

Having cyber sex on Skype with strangers is fine and perfectly normal. That being said, not every stranger you run into will have pure intentions. To help protect yourself, never show your face during Skype sex unless you completely trust the person.

Even then, many experts recommend that you avoid showing your face. Partners have been shown to reveal pictures or captures from Skype if a breakup isn't mutual. It is always a good idea to protect yourself, and your body.

Don't Give Away Personal Information

Unless you know someone really well in the real world, we recommend not giving out any personal information or identifying information. That includes your address, last name, even what city you are in. Anything that can be used to identify you or track you down.

We also highly recommend using a fake first name. Having your picture and knowing your first name can sometimes be enough to find you. Plus, using a fake name can be really exciting.

Don't Do Anything You Feel Uncomfortable With

At some point when you have Skype sex chat with strangers, someone will ask you to do something that you don't feel comfortable with. No matter how much they ask you to or how much pressure you feel, don't do it. Doing something that you don't feel comfortable with can hurt you or even scar you, depending on what it is.

You aren't having sex chat in order to pleasure someone else. You are doing it to enjoy yourself and to have a mutually beneficial experience.

Don't Use Your Regular Skype Account

Many of us have a Skype account that we use for work or to talk to family. If you are going to have sex chat you need to make a separate account to use. This account should have a fake name associated with it and a separate email. Also use a different password.

This prevents friends from stumbling upon your Skype account. They won't see the account and know that it belongs to you. At the same time, any strangers that you have Skype sex with won't be able to track the account back to you.

Be Careful What You Share

In general, you should be careful what you share during Skype sex. Never share your social media accounts with any stranger. This can lead to bad things happening. It has in the past. Strangers have gone as far as to show up at people's doorstep after having Skype sex.

When you share photos over Skype they should have no identifying backgrounds and no face included. This is mysterious and sensual but also protects you.

Before sending or saying anything, make sure that you think about how it could affect you. Screening your content will help you to be safe when you are having Skype sex chat with strangers. Most importantly, never share information on your friends, family, or anyone who isn't participating. This is a violation of trust.

An Important Note

We want to make sure that our readers understand that there is nothing wrong with having Skype sex with strangers. In fact, we encourage it. But we also encourage being safe while you do so. Use these tips to help protect yourself during Skype sex and after. You never know who you are talking to when you are talking to a stranger.

Having sex chat is a thrilling world. Our readers often enjoy the freedom of having cyber sex with strangers over Skype. There are so many different things that you can try and you don't have to feel guilty after. Make sure that you take the time to read some of our other articles so that you can go into Skype sex chat with strangers prepared. There is a lot to learn and enjoy. At the same time, do what feels natural. That leads to the most enjoyable experience possible.