Guide for Women - Sexting Tips For Sending Nudes

Everyone loves sexting or online cybersex chat, there are so many different reasons for enjoying it. Not to mention the fact that you can do it with just about anyone and no one else need know. But not everyone knows what they are doing. One area that we constantly hear needs explaining is the sending of nudes.

Sending nudes is an art but also something that you need to be careful for. So for all you ladies out there who like sexting, we are going to go over some of the best tips.

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Tips for Women Sending Nudes

Take Your Time

Rushing a nude can lead to mistakes and safety concerns. It can also lead to embarrassment. That is why we never recommend you rush taking a nude. Let it take a minute and take the time to check the screen to see what appears in the image. Check for anything that could be problematic.

There is also no harm for taking time. Guys may want a nude quickly but the weight can build up anticipation. So don't feel pressured.

Plan It Out

A common misconception is that your nudes should be taken on the spot without any thought. That isn't true. We highly recommend that you take the time to plan out your nudes. Take a look at the conversation and follow along the same lines of the conversation. Consider it theming your nudes.

Keeping your nudes in line with the conversation will further help to make the guy (or woman) happy. It builds up a sense of the nude fitting in and being less random.

While we do say that it should be planned, don't be afraid to experiment. Just think through each shot. Try new positions, try new locations, and otherwise change it up. If something doesn't feel right with the photo, it will require some experimentation to get it perfect.

Move The Folder

Your phone typically has the ability to create albums or folders for your images. Make sure that you move your nudes to another folder if you intend to keep them. The last thing that most of us want is a friend or family member scrolling through our camera library only to stumble upon a nude, near-nude, or other sexual photo. These are much harder to explain than other photos that might be there.

Enjoy It Or Don't Send It

When a guy asks for nudes during a cybersex chat it is usually because he is into you. He wants to see a picture of you nude and happy. If you aren't into taking the picture, it will show. You will be tense, you won't have a perfect pose, and you will appear not confident. A frown (or any facial expression) has the power to adjust how the whole body presents itself.

Should you find that you aren't enjoying taking the photo, you seriously need to consider as to whether or not you should be taking the photo. First off, he won't appreciate it. Second off, you might end up regretting sending the photo later on.

Be Safe About It

It is important to be safe about everything you do in life. Most especially sending nudes. Sending a nude can have a lot of weight behind it if you don't do it smartly. First, you want to make sure that you trust the person to some degree before even considering to send a nude. Nothing you send is truly ever deleted.

No nudes that include your face should be sent to anyone you are not serious with. Including your face makes you easily identifiable. Keep in mind though, that simply because you don't include your face doesn't mean that people can't still tell who you are.

On that same note, very carefully check everything that appears in the picture. People have accidently taken pictures of their faces in mirrors, and many other things. If you have unique birthmarks that appear in the photo, consider a pose that does not show them. Just a few pieces of food for thought.

Now you know some of the most important sexting tips for women who are sending nudes. The most important thing to keep in mind is you never have to send a nude. Nudes are only to be sent when you are comfortable with it and will get some enjoyment from it.