What is Cybersex Like from the Female Perspective?

Today we are going to approach a question that many men want to know. They wonder what it is like to have cybersex from a female perspective. Do women enjoy it? Do women consider it normal? Do women talk about it like regular sex? Does it really get women going or are they just playing along? These are just a few of the many questions that men have asked in the past and we are going to try answering as many of them as possible.

Cybersex Female Perspective

Do Women Like Having Cybersex?

The answer is often yes. Many women enjoy cybersex just like they enjoy other sexual activities. That being said, remember, there are many different people out there and they all have their own personality. There will be plenty of women who don't like cybersex. It all depends on their unique personality.

Thing of cybersex like anything else that you do in the world. There will be people who like it, people who love it and then their opposites. People who dislike it and people who hate it. The key to having a good sex chat encounter is to find the people who love it. That will get you the most enjoyable experience. However, people who like it are often just as fun.

Do Women Consider It Normal Behavior?

Whether or not a woman considers cybersex to be normal often depends on how she was raised and where she is from. Any woman who was raised to have an open mind about others will harbor no ill will toward those who enjoy cybersex. That being said, there are still plenty of more uptight people who have negative things to say about cybersex simply for the fact it is a sexual activity.

Do Women Really Enjoy It Or Are They Just Playing Along?

Women who aren't into online sex chat will typically not engage in said activity unless there is something to get from it. So the vast majority of women who have cybersex do enjoy it. It get's their motor going and they get dripping wet.

But they do have to like the topic that you are talking about during cybersex. For example, a good portion of women won't enjoy having cybersex about fantasy lands or science fiction.

Do Women Get Physical During Cybersex?

Of course. Women finger and play with themselves just as much as men do during virtual sex, sometimes more. Women can finger, use dildos, or even use vibrators as well as other items such as nipple clamps. All of these can heighten the experience for them.

The fact that teledildonics exists should be a sign that women enjoy cybersex and play with themselves while they do it. Teledildonics is the world of sex toys that are connected to the internet. Such as vibrators that your partner can control during cybersex.

Do Women Talk About Cybersex With Their Friends?

One thing that always fascinates men is that women talk about sex with their friends. Many men wonder if women talk about cybersex with their friends too. The answer is, it really depends on who the woman is and what friends she is talking to. But we will be honest, women are far less likely to talk about cybersex with their friends than real sex. That is, unless it was really memorable.

Cybersex Isn't Text Speak

One quick way to ensure that no woman enjoys cybersex is to be lazy. We don't mean that you won't move from the couch to the bed. We mean in how you type. Short one or two word answers are a major turnoff. They often show a lack of interest from the guy or a lack of wanting to have a two way engagement.

Further, don't use text abbreviations or talk in shorthand. LOL and all of the other textisms have no place in a online sex chat encounter. They will turn most girls off and it will just look weird. You wouldn't be on top of a girl in real life and arch your head up and yell LOL, so why would you do it during cybersex?

We could spend hours going on about cybersex from a woman's perspective. These are just the basics and they answer most of the questions. Instead of asking the internet though, we suggest you ask your cybersex partner. Everyone thinks about things that they encounter in their lives differently, and if you want to know what she thinks, just ask her. She will probably enjoy being asked about it if you do so at the right time.