Is it Wrong to Have Sex Chat with Your Friend?

Sex chat has never been more popular. With countless ways to communicate at the tip of our fingers, it's little surprise so many people enjoy cybersex chat on their phone or computer. Whether with a significant other or someone you're trying to hook-up with, sexting is very arousing when both people are happily engaging in it, yet not everyone has someone to have sex chat with.

Sex chat with friends is a risky endeavour but one that many people are now engaging in. It's become quite a hot trend, with cheeky sex chats among friends becoming more common. Of course, much like having sex with your best friend, opinion is quite divided, with some people thinking it's fine while others believe it is wrong.

Sex Chat with Friend

What is Sex Chat?

Before we get started on the pros and cons of sex chatting with a friend, it may help to better define what sex chat really is. For most people, sex chat is the act of sending kinky messages, and sometimes photographs and videos, to another person.

Because most of us have smartphones and various instant messaging and social media apps, sex chat has never been easier. Simply send whatever naughty message you had in mind to someone and start having fun.

Understandably, some people think that doing this with someone that isn't your partner or someone you're trying to hook-up (such as a best friend) with is wrong - but is it really?

Is it Okay to Sex Chat with Friends?

Sex chat with friends can be a great experience, but it's always important to make sure everyone is okay with doing it. Yes, it can be amazing fun to have some fun sex chat with a friend, but only if they are happy to engage in it.

This can be sending nudes, chatting about sex, or even having full on sexting conversations with a friend.

One reason it's become so popular is because it builds confidence between friends. You both get to have fun and complement each other, both of which go a long way to boosting your confidence. It's also a great way to get better at sex chat, giving some much-needed practice for anyone unsure of how to even sext.

You also get to have a lot of fun. Sex chat is not just hot, but great fun for both parties, giving the chance to relax, unwind, and have some naughty fun with a friend. It may even get you through a boring day.

Plus, you never know where things could go. While ever situation is different, you may end up finding you like each other more as friends. Developing feelings for friends isn't uncommon and while it does have the risk of ruining a great friendship, if you're both willing to take the risk then there is nothing wrong with it!

You should be aware of the risks of sex chatting with your best friend. For instance, one person may develop feelings that the other doesn't have, which is never a good position to be in. Similarly, you may end up finding it ruins your friendship without giving many benefits, so always think carefully before you engage in cybersex chat with a close friend.