How Common is Cybersex in Today's Society?

Technology has brought many positive changes to society. From improvements in our physical and mental health to increasing comfort, satisfaction, and over quality of life, there countless aspects of society that have been greatly improved by technology. Yet not all these improvements are glaringly obvious, with many flying under the radar, such as cybersex.

Cybersex common

What is Cybersex?

Cybersex is the act of sexual arousal using information technology. Improvements in technology have allowed people from across the world to anonymously engage in acts of cybersex from the comfort of home, opening new avenues of pleasure that countless people are trying for the first time.

Of course, because cybersex has such a broad definition there are many forms of it across the internet. One of the most common forms of cybersex is sexual stimulation and arousal using chat rooms.

Similar to phone sex or sexting, two people (or sometimes more) engage in cybersex by exchanging erotic statements that mimic various sexual acts. Most achieve high levels of pleasure and sexual gratification with cybersex, typically in the form of an orgasm, even though the entire interaction occurs virtually instead of physically.

Is Cybersex Common?

Simply put - yes!

The rise of home computers and the internet causes an explosion of cybersex from the early to mid-90s. Since then its popularity has remained strong. Dedicated cybersex chat sites are widespread online, while instant messaging platforms have made cybersex even more common to subsequent generations looking for erotic experiences using the internet.

Webcams and microphones have never been cheaper either, leading to an evolution of cybersex where erotic acts of pleasure are broadcast between recipients rather than simply described across various messages.

In fact, because technology is so varied and the definition of cybersex so loose, there are countless things that can be defined as cybersex. For instance, online role-playing games are often used to conduct more unique forms of cybersex, while there are even online games dedicated to roleplaying and cybersex!

With so many different forms of cybersex available, it's little surprise that it remains so common in today's society.  

Why is Cybersex So Common?

It's not always obvious that cybersex remains so popular. For one thing, because it is conducted entirely online and often with anonymous people, not everyone talks about their cybersex experiences.

There are other reasons why cybersex is still popular today. For instance, the improvements in technology have made it accessible to more people than ever, many of whom never knew about it until they had the internet.

Another reason is because there are more long-distance relationships and cybersex is a way to strengthen these relationships. People that have met online and built a special relationship will often use cybersex because they cannot have sex due to being apart.

This doesn't just apply to long-distance relationships either. Some people try cybersex for the first time when they are away from their partner and want to have some fun despite this. Things like Skype, Facebook Messenger, and What's App make having cybersex easier than ever - so more people are trying it!

These are just a few reasons that showcase how common cybersex is and why it looks set to remain so for a long time!